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We know how you feel. You've tried and tried and still your child is unhappy or is having trouble. You two are unhappy and at times things may get really heated. Both of you feels so sad afterwards and remorse and your at your wits end. Speech therapy, occupational therapy, behaviour management, psychology services can really really help you.


What can you do? We feel you pain. As busy parents ourselves we totally understand. We have lived experience of children and families who are unhappy.


Just ring us and we can be that support you've been searching for. Lets just talk and you'll feel better.


Welcome to Child Think and Adult Think speech therapy for kids and adults, occupational therapy, behaviour management, psychology where learning is fun, effective and therapy is first-rate. We provide therapy for children and adults with speech therapy and speech pathology, learning, mobility, communication, behaviour and occupational challenges and psychology. We began in 2004 so have been providing effective therapy services for 20 years.


Child Think and Adult Think is a Speech therapy and occupational therapy, psychology, Behaviour management, Language, Learning and Literacy practice for all ages providing services to you. We also provide exercise physiology, psychology and ABA and therapy assistance and Neurotherapy and neurodiversity therapy (see blogs). All services are evidenced based and effective. All therapists are highly trained degreed professionals with membership of their respective associations, medicare provider numbers and registrations


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