0419636613: Therapy

Child Think and Adult Think

Child Think and Adult Think has the best therapists for your child and young and older adult. 
All staff are experienced neurobehavioural therapists, teachers/tutors, speech language pathologists or occupational therapists or other therapists/psychologists fully accredited by Medicare and other programmes such as NDIS, and their individual associations and regulatory authorities. We all have University degrees and post graduate qualifications. WE KNOW THE WHOLE SCHOOL CURRICULUM AND CAN SUPPORT DISTANCE LEARNING FROM HOME IN YOUR LIVING ROOM THROUGH INTERNET LIVE THERAPY AND TEACHING. YOU DONT HAVE TO DO ANYTHING.

As well we undertake extensive ongoing education and certification in the latest research based programmes and techniques such as Hanen Techniques, DIR Floortime, Use of ipad programmes, MULtilIT, Nuffield Dyspraxia Programme, Social Interaction Programmes, Functional treatment of skills, Positive Behavioural Support for ASD, Augmentative Communication Devices, Classroom based techniques and skills, Motor Learning, phonological awareness treatment, phonological and articulation disorder therapy, social and peer programmes in groups or individually at school, Lidcombe and Camperdown Treatments for stuttering, Syllable timed speech, minimal pair therapy, Levels of Self-regulation, Auditory Processing Therapy, training of vocational skills for young adults in functional environments and many more evidenced-based techniques and are eclectic so that each child received individual or group therapy that best meets their needs rather than the same approach for all.