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Child Think and Adult Think

but don't panic! we are here to help

We will test the patient to begin with using standardised psychometric tests for all areas of speech, language, learning, reading, writing, social interaction and regulation skills, occupational skills, mobility. 

 We provide a confidential detailed report to you and can diagnose difficulties for NDIS funding or school purposes. 
We can also confidentially work with the patient with no diagnosis or report if you prefer.


Your child has no speech after 12 months of age, no sentences at 2 years of age or unclear speech after three years of age

Your child has any speech or language difficulties after 4 years of age including a lisp

They experience difficulty acquiring reading and writing skills similar to peers

Your child is repeating words, sound phrases, or saying too many "ums", "ahhs", etc at any age. Stuttering needs to be treated immediately it starts even at two years and is best treated at three and four years of age

Your child is experiencing poor writing skills at school age

They have poor academic progress or needing special education at any age especially second and third grade or year 7 and 8. This may be due to language, writing or reading or processing difficulties and needs to be identified and helped by individual instruction as early as possible.

They have an inability to tell  stories after 3 years or an inability to write stories at 7 years

Your child is displaying unusual or repetitive behaviours or obsessions such as only being able to talk about one subject or holding up objects and staring at them for more than 5 seconds 

They employ poor sentence construction or verbal or written grammar such as incorrect tense or pronouns incorrect or no complex sentences in speech or writing

It seems that they are needing special provisions for high school (we provide detailed special provision reports for this for learning support needed for special exam provisions such as NAPLAN and leaving certificates such as use of a reader and scribe.) All reports are based upon standardised quantitative measurement of skills using valid and reliable testing regimes on large Australian and US samples such as the CELF test and extensive standardised testing of reading and writing fluency and accuracy and comprehension.

Your child has poor social interaction skills or too shy, poor friendships at any age, poor pragmatic or social skills, difficulty coping with new environments, difficulty coping with school or preschool.

There are signs of developmental delay including teenagers + young and older adults needing help with self care, communication, vocational skills, life skills, living skills. 

Or even challenging behaviours at any age. Children as young as two and three are aware of speech or learning difficulties and develop challenging behaviours due to frustration. Once their speech and learning is helped they improve a great deal in their behaviour as well.